Mugunghwa Trading Company(China)

MDM China Trade Import and Export Affiliates

trade work

Support for import and export within MDM Group

Export Support in China

Support for the supply and demand of raw materials and the securing

MDM Group Affiliates Link

Fast and safe product supply

Global trade

Secure product delivery in global markets







Myungjin Machinery Company(China)

Industrial Machinery Development Design Manufacturing

mask machine

Dental and KF series machinery manufacturing

pulp machine

pulp machine manufacturing

paper machine

paper machine manufacturing

Other Industrial Machinery

manufacture of other industrial machinery







Myungjin nonwoven fabric Co., Ltd.(China)

Mask Material and Non-woven Fabrication

nonwoven fabric

nonwoven fabric manufacturing, production

Meltblow filter

Manufacture of KF mask Core

Other Fabric Supply

Supply of requested fabric within MDM Group

raw material supply

Supply of raw materials to MDM Group affiliates