MS Paper

pulp,gee production co., ltd.

pulp manufacturing

Popular Products in Korea and Global Markets

paper production

Popular Products in Korea and Global Markets

Development and Design Support

It delivers pulp and paper technology.

industrial machinery export

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MS life, health

Korean Mask Manufacturing Sales Industrial Safety Products Sales

KF Series Mask

Dental Mask,KF80,KF94 manufacturing sales

industrial safety goods

Manufacturing and sales of industrial safety products

safety work clothes

Manufacture and sale of special safety work clothes

Other household goods

Manufacture and sale of other household goods







JS Pebrix

Production of non-woven fabric and mask components

nonwoven fabric

Manufacturing and reprocessing of non-woven fabric

Meltblow filter

Manufacture and production of key raw materials for KF masks

mask subsidiary material

Manufacture of Other Mask Components

agricultural and fishery exports

export, import of agricultural and fishery products